The Wedding of Q & U – Pre K Party

When my sons teacher approached me about throwing a class party for the wedding of the letters Q & U, truth be told, I had no idea what she was talking about lol. I said I would love to be involved and quickly went home and googled this “Q and U celebration”.  A wedding ceremony for the letters Q and U since Q goes nowhere without U. So cute. I was instantly excited to make this a memorable one for the happy couple and the whole class.

I started to think of foods that all kids would enjoy but I wanted it to be creative and also be on theme with the Q and U wedding. Are there any foods that start with Qu I thought…BINGO two very kid friendly foods popped into my head! I’ll make quiche and quesadillas! I kept it simple with cheese quesadillas and for the quiche, two kinds. One, plain egg with parmesan cheese and the other, broccoli and cheddar quiche.

Now to liven things up with with some wedding decor but still keep it slightly academic, I made food markers with index cards and practiced my best penmanship. I wanted the words to be written – handwritten very clearly, similar to how you would write when you are still learning so that the kids could identify the similarities. I taped the index card to a skewer so that it could be popped into the food display easily during setup. No wedding is complete without a champagne (in this case water) celebratory toast served in beautiful plastic champagne flutes. And a yummy vegetable crudités appetizer prepared by a co-class mom. This was one sophisticated party!

And the best part of a wedding obviously, CAKE! To keep things moving quickly, I decided that cupcakes were the way to go. Moist, vanilla cupcakes with sweet, creamy chocolate frosting and pearl white sprinkles. Only the best for Q and U! And since a wedding (cup) cake is not complete without a cake topper, I bought some Q & U wood letters from Michaels $0.99 each and hot glued each letter to a skewer. Again, very easy to pop into the cupcakes once I got to the school and was setting up.   Traveling with cupcakes can be tricky and messy! Thats why I invested a while ago in this cupcake travel case. Worth every penny. So easy to fill, cary and looks cute on display. Also, incredibly easy to wash!

The final touch to any wedding of course, FAVORS! A sweet parting gift so that you remember the special day. And since all kids love bubbles, it seemed like the obvious choice. Individual heart shaped wand, bubbles with a tag attached congratulating Q & U on their wedding day! The kids had so much fun. This is such a cute way to celebrate learning about this alphabet pair!

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