About me

my story

I grew up in a family of incredible cooks, with a mother and grandmother who wouldn’t tell you how to cook something, but would insist that you watch, touch, and feel for yourself, resulting in something that was not only delicious, but it was meaningful too.
It’s why I call on those family recipes every day, knowing that a little cold can be cured with the rustic and comforting chicken soup I grew up on, or that a celebration means making family favorite stuffed artichokes that are not necessarily easy to make, but basically say “look how much I love you because I made these.” 
Now, as a wife and mother of two, I want to feed my family the best way I know how – sharing the food that I grew up on, making even the average meal fun and creative, and picking up some tricks along the way to make sure even my pickiest eater learns to love and appreciate good food the way I do. 
Oh, and making sure there is no shortage of good music playing while I do it.
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